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MGE Management Experts is a management training organization located in Pinellas Park, Florida, which is dedicated to the training and education of health care practices around the country in the subjects of management, sales, new patient acquisition, case acceptance, marketing and organization. We believe that the only way to create lasting results in practice performance, statistics and profitability is through training. After all, it is through training and the practical application that follows that makes an expert in any given field or profession.

At MGE we have helped thousands of health care practices to overcome economic recession and build successful and profitable practices with less stress for the doctors and staff. Our client successes range in the tens of thousands from across the United States. With their Management Experts training, most practices were able to double their income within the first year of their training, and see a lasting increase in profitability over the following years.

Our programs have proven success for more than one decade and our weekly practice seminars are among the best attended seminars and workshops in the country.

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