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On 12 November, 2009, MGE Management Experts celebrated the Grand Opening of their new facilities in Pinellas Park, Florida, among a host of distinguished guests and attendees.

Welcoming the crowd, the CEO of MGE, Mr. Luis Colón covered the spectacular expansion of MGE from a small Virginia office nearly 10 years ago to a 55,000 square ft. training center in Pinellas Park.

Thanking his staff and clients for their dedicated commitment to the goal of MGE to deliver top quality services to health care practices, he introduced Mr. Steve McCarthy, Deputy Chief of the Pinellas Fire Department as the first speaker.

Mr. McCarthy welcomed MGE to the Pinellas community as a valued neighbor and stressed the importance of training to better perform professionally in life. He likened MGE’s training programs to those of the Fire Department, where constant emphasis on training results in better performance, less accidents and more saved lives.

Mr. Joseph Grieboski, Chairman of The Institute on Religion and Public Policy in Washington, D.C., took the podium as the next speaker and stressed the fact that MGE and its clients, through The Institute, have been able to help millions of people around the world with human rights programs. “Those people,” Mr. Grieboski said, “are sharing this moment with you in spirit,” and he thanked Mr. Colón and MGE for their continued support of important human rights and religious freedom issues.

Next, Mr. Colón introduced Mrs. Phyllis Katsakiores, State Representative of New Hampshire, to the podium. She thanked MGE for having invited her and reiterated her long and productive relationship with MGE and stressed that as a State Legislator, she takes the interests of the American people truly to heart.

Mr. Ed Hooper, State Representative of Florida, emphasized the current economic stress and validated MGE for bringing hope and new opportunities to the community and the country at large. Mr. Hooper concluded by stating that thanks to MGE and its training programs, jobs are created in Pinellas County, hotels are filled, restaurants are visited and the community is gaining a real economic advantage.

Mr. Colón concluded the ceremony by stating that thanks to the administrative training methods of Mr. Hubbard, MGE is able to do what it does best: Training health care practitioners to manage successful and profitable practices that, in turn, help hundreds of thousands of patients to receive optimal, high quality health care.

In front of the cheering crowd, the ribbon was cut and the attendees flooded in, admiring the beautiful building with its spacious training and seminar facilities and having a great time! 57,000 square feet dedicated to effective management training for health care practitioners—that sums up the new MGE building!

Entering the building into the spacious lobby, you can see that the new facilities can accommodate hundreds of clients at the same time. Comfortable leather couches, stunning flower arrangements in a Caribbean motif of palm trees and rustic elegance creates a relaxed atmosphere where clients can wind down and concentrate on their studies at MGE.

And that’s the theme for the entire building, from the glass-walled training areas to the well-equipped student lounge and break area. Every client need has been taken care of in the best way possible.

The seminar room seats well over 400 people at a time and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment including 4 large screens, so presentations can be clearly followed from all corners of the room.

The course rooms themselves are 100% standard, with all the requirements for a well-run course where students will gain the maximum benefit from their studies. Highly trained instructors make certain that each client progresses on his or her studies in a thorough, yet fast manner, while separate practical course rooms provide all the needs for drills and practical study assignments.

For lunch breaks or between-courses time, MGE has provided a very large break area. Additional offices are set-aside especially for clients on course. Here they can practice what they are learning in a real-life environment under the direction of an MGE instructor.

To top it off, MGE’s new building is centrally located, easy to reach and has a large parking lot.
Needless to say, this cutting-edge training facility is already in full production with hundreds of clients coming from all over the country for seminars and courses.

Tours are available from Tuesday to Friday, most every week.

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