Training Programs

At MGE: Management Experts, Inc. (MGE), we believe that the only way to create lasting results in practice performance, statistics and profitability is through training. After all, it is through training and the practical application that follows that makes an expert in any given field or profession. Collectively the full MGE training program is called the MGE Power Program. The MGE Power Program is a comprehensive series of courses, seminars and practical implementation steps designed to give a doctor control of the business aspects of their practice. Minimally, a doctor and office manager would be trained on the Power Program in subjects ranging from marketing, case acceptance, organization, management, financial planning and leadership. Many MGE Power Program clients also train a number of auxiliary staff on subjects such as communication and the basics of organization.


The aim of the MGE Power Program is to teach a doctor how to create:

“A practice that is constantly promoting and getting in volume new patients; headed by a well-trained, competent office manager who runs an efficient, productive activity, freeing the doctor up to sell and deliver full treatment programs to patients. The collections are at least 95% of production and the overhead is manageable allowing for a high level of profitability. The doctor is unstressed, in control, at cause and works a comfortable number of hours each week while earning a high personal income.”


New Patient Workshop

Objective: To train the student on the basics of marketing so that he or she can immediately implement an effective, simple marketing strategy and increase the inflow of new patients into their practice.

Communication and Sales Seminar Package

Objective: To increase practice production and collections by teaching the student successful actions to apply in case presentation and patient communication. Addresses case presentation structure and sequence, along with how to communicate with different types of people.

Services Included:

  • Three Communication and Sales Seminars (A, B and C)
  • How to Get Along With Others Course.

Income Enhancement Package

Objective: To improve the student’s ability to communicate through practical application of communication techniques and provide a strong foundation for application of materials learned throughout the MGE Program.


  • Study Skills for Life Course
  • Personal Integrity Course
  • Communication Specialist Workshop
  • Ups & Downs Course.

Professional Sales and Communication Training Package

Objective: To greatly improve productivity by sharply raising the student’s ability to confront and handle people. All training in this package is very intensive and “application” heavy. Specifically, each student is required to perform the techniques taught on the courses until they can show their ability to apply without hesitation and a high passing standard is achieved.

Services Included:

  • The MGE Advanced Sales Seminar
  • The MGE Sales Internship.

Organization and Management Package

Objective: To train the student (doctor or busines owner) to be an effective executive! Includes training on:

  • How to establish and implement an organizational system and structure for their office
  • How to manage their office through the use of statistics
  • Techniques to use to be a better leader and executive
  • How to financially plan for their office so as to improve profitability
  • A system of business ethics and how to investigate non-functioning areas of their office and handle them
  • How to find, hire and create an excellent team of productive and efficient staff.

Training on the Organization and Management Program is done in both course and seminar format. At the completion of the training, the student does the Executive Internship to ensure ability to apply all materials learned.

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